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The Case of the Missing Mummy - Francess Lin Lantz Can I just say that I found it really strange that these Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley are written from the perspective of MK? I mean, I guess the Dualstar Writing Staff had to flip a coin or whatever, but to me it would make much more sense to have Ashley telling the stories, a) because duh, she'd be a much more reliable narrator, and b) because then we'd get more perspective on MK, who to me is the more interesting/quirky character/person/whatever. This is Storyteling 101 and I'm just surprised they handled it the way they did.

Anyways. The mystery itself is pretty decent, their 5th grade class goes on a field trip to a museum and the mummy is missing. It keeps turning up in different parts of the museum, but who's moving it? And why? Also there's some side mysteries happening at their school, like who hid all their art smocks?

I identified one of the prime suspects long before MK&A did, but I'm really good at mysteries, you guys, so no surprise there.

Sadly I found the ending lacking. You want that satisfying conclusion, of course, where the final piece clicks into place and you think back to that seemingly insignificant detail back 100 pages ago and you go AH YES, now I get it. But that wasn't the case here. The girls are like "hey what's that clue there, welp, we found the culprit." And it all gets solved while you remain watching from the sidelines. Which is probably how it is in real life, but still. You want to feel like you're more integral to the action. Gosh, maybe I'm just transferring my feelings about my relationship with Mary-Kate and Ashley. Who can say! Not me!