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The View from Castle Rock - Alice Munro I have tried in the past to get into Munro's short stories and have never been able to do it. So, either I'm older and wiser, or this hit me at just the right time, or it's different from her other work, but either way, I'm going to dig back in and read a lot more of her stories.

This book totally sails, no slow or clunky parts. It's creative non-fiction, part family history, part memoir, part fictional narrative. It's delicate and just achingly gorgeous in parts.

There is a lot of history for her to cover, and many family names, not all of which I was able to track, but it didn't matter. She covers a lot of ground in a quick time, lingering on the perfect little details, and leaving a lot out, and saying a lot by doing so. It's like any family history, where the stuff you don't know is just as much a part of it as the stuff you do.

Good. Thank you so much Meghan Deans for buying me this.