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Girl in Landscape - Jonathan Lethem I liked it. Scanning through all the reviews of this book on Goodreads, it looks like most people don't have much to say about the book, beyond listing what happens in it. The scene where the author reveals what's going on, with the planet and the virus, is super good and my enjoyment in the book instantly went off the charts. But then it's kind of a slow fade back down to regular Like after that. Everything after the fire felt a little messy, like it was part of a different book. The narration keeps the characters and the action at a pretty significant distance from the reader. I wanted to like Pella more, but she didn't quite earn it. I wanted to be more intrigued by Efram but he didn't quite earn it either. Also from a world-building perspective, I guess I would have like a few of the loops closed. The fish potatoes! The household deer! I accept that these things exist in this world, but it would have been fun to know more about them! That's all. The book could have used a little more fun.