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NYX X-23: Innocence Lost (X-Men)

NYX X-23: Innocence Lost - Craig Kyle, Joe Quesada, Christopher Yost, Zeb Wells, Joshua Middleton, Robert Teranishi, Billy  Tan I don't know. I guess I'm disappointed because of much I wanted to like this. Stories about teenage runaways discovering their secret powers and taking control of their lives and fighting their oppressors. That's like my favorite genre, right there.

But the X-23 story here is really just one small step above torture porn, fairly gross and unfun to read. It felt like they just created a female character in order to put her through horrific tormoil and maybe had a little too much fun doing it? I mean, on the other hand, the story of how Wolverine was created was probably pretty much the same thing, it just happened off-screen, for the most part. It just seems more problematic when it's a female character, created by males, rendered as a sexualized prepubescent. Just saying.

The NYX storyline was OK, just not amazing. Not enough X-23 in it. Basically this was all set-up for a story that I would have liked if had been included. Where the girls come together and form their own team of awesomeness. But this book ends before that happens. Which is too bad.