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Mortal Acts Mortal Words - Galway Kinnell We all know he's my favorite poet, so I'll just say that this is totally worth owning and keeping next to your bed. There are a few (!) poems from this collection that continue to make the rounds, almost 30 years later ("After Making Love We Hear Footsteps", "Saint Francis and the Sow", "Wait", "Blackberry Eating".)

This is an artist just totally hitting his stride, each one knocked out of the park, like it was the most effortless thing ever. You don't just appreciate the experience, but also the experience of the experience, if that makes any sense.

Some poems that were new to me that I really liked:

"Angling, A Day" ("I'm not saying I'm a fisherman, but fisherman know / there are days when you don't catch anything.")

"There Are Things I Tell to No One" ("I say 'God'; I believe, / rather, in a music of grace / that we hear, sometimes, playing to us / from the other side of happiness.")

"Fisherman" ("after you've lived, lived past the sorrow, / if that happens, after all the time in the world.")

And ESPECIALLY especially "Fergus Falling", which knocked me senseless and is one of my new all-time favorites. ("...he became heavier suddenly / in his bones / the way fledglings do just before they fly, / and the soft pine cracked...")