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A Gringo Like Me: Poems

A Gringo Like Me: Poems - Jennifer L. Knox Have been meaning to read this and other books by Knox for years, and then saw her books on the Bloof table at AWP and was LIKE YES LET ME BUY THESE.

Really fun stuff. Really wish I had read this in 2007 when they came out, where would my brain even be now if it had had these poems back then.

Favorites included:

"Mighty, Might Primate: Reconsidered"
Ladies and gentlemen, Mighty, Mighty Primate / is a great, great / movie.

"My Favorite Little Story"
The years had improved her English. Dramatically so.

"Waiting With The Dead"
One out of every 300 people has murdered someone, / so if you were at a baseball game / and the stadium held 18,000 people, / there would be 60 murderers in the crowd.

"Chicken Bucket"
Well that was a long time ago. / Rick and I got married

"Another Motive For Metaphor"
I love to masturbate, especially / after a poem of mine's accepted in / a literary magazine.

"The Best Thanksgiving Ever"
Somebody found a big bottle of vodka. We made a no-hugging rule.