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The Lagoon - Lilli Carré So! We should talk about this book. I really liked it. I can see where this is the kind of book that you either love or throw against the wall, but I wish we didn't live in a world where that might be the case. Like, there are different ways to tell stories, you know? And we proceed on from there.

Reading this reminded me of (I'm just going to say it) the Old Days Of The Internet. Where you'd read something on someone's website and you'd be like "Is this true? Is this a story? Did this happen? Who is the person who wrote this?" There was a lot of Not Knowing going on, and it was kind of great. If you're comfortable Not Knowing things, maybe you would like this.

It's not perfect; although I think people might criticize this book for not including enough information, I actually felt like it could have been shorter and more concise. There were a few scenes that felt extraneous to me (Grandpa sleepwalking, the dad's fairytale, the piano finger-tapping, and also it seems weird that the dad wouldn't know the history of the lagoon.), not necessary to the story as a whole.

BUT I really liked the ending. Perfect sound to end with.