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The Sixth Gun Volume 2 TP - Cullen Bunn A couple of GoodReadsers have dinged this volume as being not quite as good as Vol 1 but I am not a person in that camp. The pacing was a little more even here, and the story arc was maybe a little subtler? But that all worked excellently with the storyline. I think the book is stronger when it asks you to linger over the creepy & magical story & images, and not be so rushed by PLOT PLOT PLOT.

Loved the New Orleans setting, loved the creepy swamp, the loa and Marinette of the Dry Arms. Still not totally sold on Drake as the main character, dude just doesn't give you much to work with. Still would like to see them do a lot more with Becky, but her relationship with the gun seems like it's headed somewhere very interesting.

But at any rate, currently my favorite comic out there right now.