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A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson Really excellent. It's a LOT of science, and honestly I'm not sure how much really will stick with me, but I'd be interested in re-reading it again in about a year. It's basically a scientific survey of the history of the universe, but whether he's writing about plate tectonics, extinction-level events, mitochondrial DNA, or australopithecines, the writing is totally engaging and fascination. OK maybe not the mitochondrial DNA part, I slightly glazed over when he was talking about cells. But it's stunning, how he can cover so many topics, and make them all so understandable and interesting, when every other science-deliver vehicle I've ever experienced has fallen so flat. Even the science classes I've taken that I've liked (and there were only a couple) didn't give me nearly as much to take away.

Especially enjoyed the parts where he puts the human species in the context of everything else that's happened on this planet or the universe. We are, like, at MOST a footnote. I love it.

Really excited about this book, really excited to learn more about this author and read more by him.

Also: HOLY SHIT THE YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO. Does anyone want to talk about this? I had never heard of it! 40k years over due! Crazy, right? It's been nice knowing you all.