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Day by Day Armageddon - J.L. Bourne This was an interesting one. I liked it! I think I liked it better than World War Z. It's a good story, despite some really clunky grammar and sentence structure. There's a lot of internet debate about whether the shoddy prose is intentional or not. (The author did it on purpose! His narrator isn't super educated, plus shit is just too crazy during a zombie apocalypse for people to be using words and grammar!) Kind of a neat trick, when you write a novel in diary entries: any mistake is purposeful.

But at the end of the day, I didn't buy it; I think a Navy pilot would know how to spell "The Whitehouse", and he might use the words "sans" and "vice" incorrectly, but he wouldn't keep repeating them over and over again, and someone this devoted to writing a daily journal during a zombie apocalypse would probably have the wherewithal to steer clear of sentences like "Jan was a nurse...she wasn't a doctor, but who was anymore?" (Uh, doctors?)

But lucky the story itself was so good that the mechanics didn't take me out of the world. As far as I can recall this was the only genuinely scary zombie book I've ever read. The ending! The author does a great job here--zombies, OK yeah terrifying, but they're just an obstacle, a trick you have to figure out. The really scary shit is always going be other humans. Appreciated the (what I can only assume is) military accuracy of the descriptions of weapons and what-not. I would even have liked it to get a bit more technical. I mean I am reading this book because I want step by step instructions on how to survive, right?

The book was solid all the way through, but it unfortunately Just Ends, very suddenly. It's hard to end a zombie book, sure, but I would have appreciated a "And we decided to hunker down there and make the best of it" kind of moment, just to tie it off a little. Definitely reading the sequel.