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Extras - Scott Westerfeld I liked this. It was good. It took me a little while to get into it; the first half of this book is identical to the plot of "Uglies," and it felt weird to be going over a lot of the same ground. But then it gets going and keeps on getting better all the way to the end. There were just a couple of things that made me enjoy this a little less than the rest of the books in the series.

The main thing was the lack of love interest. Frizzo was laaaaame. I couldn't understand why someone as cool as Aya would be into him, he was a dud and a half. I thought Ren (her brother's friend) sounded like a much more interesting person for her. I would have had her silently crushing on him in the background for the whole book, totally devastated that he must think she's so awful and hideous when she has to go fishing for Moggle, and then somewhere in the action towards the end they solve some problem together and then make out.

The technology in the book was interesting, but it felt to me like the paradigm for fame that he uses is already pretty outmoded. We're currently trending away from tradiational idea of fame, where a select few people are famous amongst a large group of people, towards having lots of little subgroups who each have their own tiny little famous people. Right? Anyways, just something I was chewing over.

Overall good book, just a couple of things would have made it more interesting for me. But Scott W is still the man.