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Jellaby - Kean Soo Excellent stuff, cannot wait for Volume 2.

Kean has a really deft way of portraying the incredible loneliness that comes with being a kid of a certain age. This isn't a feel-good story (although I hope it turns out that way at the end!), but the emotion he packs into the story is pretty astonishing. Especially considering his style is so minimalist; simple, uncomplicated drawings, a very sparse color palette, and character sketches that hint at deeper themes and backgrounds while really only skimming the surface. This guy knows his stuff.

Also: how amazing is it that a chapbook which I bought directly from the author a few years ago is now an actual published book that you can walk into Barnes & Noble and buy, like I did? Man. The poet Biz Markie said: "Damn it feels good to see people up on it."