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The Case of the Creepy Castle (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, No. 19) - Judy Katschke It's Halloween, and the Olsen Twins go with some friends to a fun family-style haunted house attraction down the street. But then one by one, their friends disappear...is the Creepy Castle a REAL haunted house???

OK spoilers ahoy so watch out.

Once again this "mystery" did not have much actual mystery to it. I mean there were clues here and there, but none of them ended up amounting to much. At the end, their great-grandmother praises the girls for using all the clues to figure out the story behind the haunted house, and I was all "UM NO THEY DID NOT." They basically just got lucky. They were acted upon by outside forces, propelled along the corridor, and brought to the conclusion. I fail to see how the "solved" any "mystery."

There is a secondary mystery here, the question of who stole Minerva, the class guinea pig? And in some ways this mystery is more satisfying, but it's pretty obvious who stole Minerva, when you see Bradley walking down the hall carrying a bunch of lettuce. I mean come on people. Not exactly "A Study In Scarlet."