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Batman: Year 100 - Paul Pope I like the IDEA of this book.

And now here are the things about the execution that did not work for me personally this is not an indictment of the book I'm just saying:

Making Batman and his costume and his accoutrement more realistic is not interesting to me. The magic and suspension of disbelief is more than half the fun.

PLUS, you can't take away the magic, remove ALL the super villains, make everything more "realistic," and then add telepaths back in. That's just lazy.

The art style was interesting in some places, but there were a few too many panels where I was like OK what exactly am I supposed to be looking at here.

Also Batman's head is drawn kind of smooshed down. I mean right? And I'm not talking about the pads inside the mask that purposefully change the shape of his head. I'm talking about how his head is longer and more fully-shaped with his mask off than it is with his mask on. Is it a Mexican Magical Realism mask?

If we want to take as read that Batman is now 140 years old, than I will accept it. But if the characters in the story are going to question it, then I will too, and you better provide some answers or at least some speculation. I will wait.

The plot.