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Breaking Up (Fashion High Graphic Novel) - Aimee Friedman, Christine Norrie Super sweet, loved it. Wish this was just one in a series.

It's not anything-super groundbreaking of course, it's the same story we've gone over in everything My So Called Life to Freaks & Geeks to, um, The Iliad? (WTF Helen is with Paris??? I thought she liked Menelaus!!!) But it's done really well and as long as you're in touch with your inner teenager you'll never get tired of this story.


About 3/4 of the way through I started to get hopeful that the ending was going to be a little more broken and realistic than it ended up being. So it's a little pat in the end, but I guess it's a story about how we should behave, not how we actually behave. Either way, A+.