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Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweet 16 #6: My Best Friend's Boyfriend: (My Best Friend's Boyfriend) (Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16) - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Lauren is secretly dating Ben, Ashley's ex-boyfriend. When everyone finds out, Ashley says she's OK with it, but is she really?

Meanwhile, MK is playing Sandy in the school production of Grease. The sets are ruined, the costumes are a disaster, and Sam McHugh has been given the role of Eugene as a form of detention. Can MK pull everything together before opening night? And why is her boyfriend Jake acting so jealous of the time MK is spending with Sam?

Well! It's a lot to cover in one book, but the author pulls it off.

OK, OK, it's not really 3 stars, but we're grading on a curve. I liked the ending because yes, Ashley is totally being weird about Lauren and Ben dating, so they totally break up, but then Ashley manages to get them back together on opening night. BUT Jake and MK kind of break up right at the very end, and don't get back together, and you're left wondering if it isn't for the best, and maybe Sam isn't so bad after all? Maybe MK should be with Sam? Right? I like a book that doesn't force itself to end on a happy note.

Anyways I kind of want to read the next in the series to see if MK does end up with Sam. Take that as you will.