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The Withdrawal Method - Pasha Malla I run a weblog about Pasha Malla, so I guess take as read that I'm a big fan of his writing.

My favorite stories here were: Big City Girls, Pushing Oceans In and Pulling Oceans Out, Dizzy When You Look Down, and Respite (which had this one line in particular: "Sentences spilled into paragraphs spilled into chapters, while on the periphery Adriane came in and out of the apartment like the mechanical bird in a windup clock.")

And I swear I read Pet Therapy somewhere before, but it's not listed as previously published in the credits.

Anyways this is a very solid collection of short stories about people trying to figure out their place in the world, written with a kind of confidence that you'd expect from someone at the end of his career, not the beginning.

I guess the thing for me is that Pasha has a lot of different styles of writing that he does, but this collection is a deep look into just one of his styles. Personally my favorite is the more humorous stuff he does, which I read with the dual emotions of "Wow this is funny and OMG I can't believe he's writing about this and pulling it off."

He's got a like 3 other books coming out in the next year (novel, YA novel, and poetry), so I'm looking forward to see what styles he tackles next.