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Chiggers - Hope Larson I think I'm going to go ahead and assert that Hope Larson is my favorite comic book artist at the moment. The drawings! So good. The emotions and subtexts leap off the page in a very delicious way. The teenagers zombie-eyed and drooling over their favorite pop star, or the curlicued thought bubbles expressing delirious excitement. There were more than a few pages that I wanted to scan and bring into photoshop so I could turn some images into prime lj icons, that's all I'm saying.

The STORY though, also good. I only had one summer camp experience, so who knows, but there's just enough magic and mystery here to convey the weight of the big unknowns of the teenage years. Why is she like that, why am I like this, am I really remembering that the way it happened?

It's light and cute but super good.