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Master of Reality - John Darnielle I don't even know what to say about this besides Please John Darnielle, write more books.

It was really very emotional, all the way through, thinking about all the kids I used to hang out with in high school who went through this, or would have, if they'd lived long enough, or would have, if their (or my) parents had had just a little less ability to cope with their teenage sons, or a few less parental tools within their reach.

It's a very good book.

I finished reading it while I was eating breakfast by myself at a Steak & Shake. I went up to the counter to pay, and the cook rang me out, and noticed the cover of the book and asked what I was reading. And I explained what the book was about, and just implored him to read it. He gave me my change and said "I really do like Black Sabbath." And I thought about this book, and this man, late 20s, working at Steak & Shake, and I wished I hadn't gotten the book from the library because I would have just handed it to him.