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Creamy Bullets - Kevin Sampsell I'm still chewing over a couple of the stories, but let's just go ahead and review this one. I really like KS's writing style. The stories fall more on the character sketch end of the story continuum, but it's interesting because they're stories mainly told in the first person by people who don't seem to enjoy talking about themselves. It's not that they're not self-aware, there's just a "who gives a shit, I'm boring myself" vibe under just about every story, which I really enjoyed.

And he uses this voice to put together some really fun paragraphs. A couple of stand-outs:

from "Girl Drummer": "I would much rather go fishing in the quiet morning than fuck you in the basement on the broken chair next to the drum set."

from "Swimsuit Issue": "My arms aren't gross. I'm thin around the waist and ankles. My ass is pretty good. I went to school. I achieved some goals. I type eighty words a minute. I can go a whole weekend alone without killing myself."

Note: having heard Kevin read some of those stories aloud greatly helped my ability to enjoy them. Knowing his voice an dhow he reads really colored how I read them. There should be more videos of him reading so you know what I'm talking about. Sentences that you wouldn't look twice at on the page become hilarious if you imagine him spitting them out.