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The Invention of Everything Else - Samantha Hunt Here, we'll just use the email I sent to Meg after finishing this:

I really wish The Invention of Everything Else came with a director's
commentary DVD because I don't know how you write a book like this.
Each of the strands in the story is kind of like a perfect little
piece of art, and she just places them perfectly, and you're like Wow,
what is she going to do with that later, I wonder? And she's like No.
Nothing. Just look at it. And you're like YES. Like she knows exactly
how and when and where to leave everything. And it's all so delicate
and then you step back and see the whole array and it's the most solid
thing ever. How do you write a book like that? How does it get
published? Am I even making any sense. Anyways I liked it.