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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus, Vol. 1 - Eric Powell, Joss Whedon 1. Disregarding the movie as non-canon, the burning of the gym and the stint in an asylum are such a cool, central part of the Buffy legend. to experience them with a script and artwork that both felt so lifeless was a big let-down.

As far as the other stories in this collection go:

* I think it's just very hard to write a compelling/non-irritating Spike & Dru story. I certainly wouldn't try.
* I don't care about Dawn.
* The artwork was difficult for me to parse in the Vegas story. There were panels where I couldn't tell what was happening or what direction things were coming from or which character I was supposedly looking at, and I absolutely have no idea how those twins are supposedly conjoined. Plus that collar Buffy was wearing?