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Paper Towns - John Green I really am not sure about how many stars this gets. I think it depends on what his next book is like. If JG has really gotten to the heart of the manic pixie dream girl thing, and his next book doesn't include one, I think he gets 4 stars here. It will, right?

It's hard to pick my feelings for this book apart from the stuff that's going on in my life right now, but basically the last part of this book was an extremely emotional ride and my favorite part of the book. He put everything together very nicely, esp after me feeling like the whole thing was about to teeter off the tracks the whole way through.

About Q I felt...I don't know, are we pretty firmly in Mary Sue territory here? Anyone? I didn't buy the narrator as a high school boy, he looked, tasted and sounded exactly like John Green to me. Which is fun! I like the JG. But I didn't buy him as a character, at all, just a stand-in.

Overall I ended up enjoying the book, despite caution through the first 90% of it. I like where it sits on the shelf compared to his other books, and can't wait to compare it to his next book, but Abundance of Katherines is still my fave.