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Cathy's Key - Jordan Weisman, Cathy Brigg I finished this a few days ago, and have been spending the time since trying to dig into the online and phone-based aspects of the ARG. I love the idea of ARGs, and I like the idea of a book with added ARG-value, but I couldn't figure out any of the clues, and even with some hints and spoilers I still wasn't able to pick apart what we were supposedly after.

I definitely should have read Cathy's Book first, but I kind of liked being dropped into this story the way I was. I really liked the part on the bus, where Cathy and Jewel are sorting each other out. The rest of the book didn't do much for it. It happens at *breakneck* pace, I kept having to put the book down to process everything that was happening. But the upshot is that there are lots of events happening but the characters are just sketches and weren't super engaging to me.

Um, what else. I'm glad this series exists and I hope people really enjoy chasing down the clues and everything. It ain't my thing but I'm not mad at a book that tries to go some extra miles. Also I really liked the drawings on every page. More books should have line drawings on every page.