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Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson Oy. Interesting discussion with Himmer the other night, about the certain books that are best read at a certain age. Catcher, obvs. I suggested The Fountainhead but that sent him into a rage. But there are probably a whole list. I wondered if this would be one of them, and it (or I) was past the sell-by date in this case.

Anyways. I like the story, overall. The first half of the book really hums along nicely. Then the Sumerian Myth Exposition kicks in and the entire novel grinds to a dead stop. Like, unbearable, with the protagonist all "Hmm tell me more," and "Let's go back to an earlier fork in our conversation." Absolutely unfun. And then the story keeps trying to get rolling again but only moves in fits and starts and then just stops and it's over.

Hiro and Y.T. don't seem whole to me, there are places where I was all looking askance at the book going "Is this supposed to be the same character as before?" And some of the technical stuff (I mean, overall, AWESOME, very interesting and insightful w/r/t techno-forecasting) was like Wah? Like I didn't understand why Rife would keep a model of the infrastructure of the Metaverse *inside* the Metaverse, and why messing with the model would affect its real-world counterpart? A few things like that, where it seemed like the author was waving his hands around the technology and calling it magic.

So I wonder what my reaction would have been if I had read this in my teens, or whenever age it was that the people who love this book read it.

This is way more negative than I intended. I am glad that I read this book.