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100 Girls - Adam Gallardo, Todd Demong So, I liked this! I mean, girls with super powers are probably never going to get fewer than 2 stars from me.

I think what keeps it from being GREAT is that the story blows by so fast. There's no time to really process and appreciate what's happening, so much is left unexplored.

Here's what should happen if it gets rewritten. Or, I guess, notes to self about what would have made this 5 stars.

* Make it longer and slower.
* Have more about her relationship with her parents.
* Backstory about the dad and how the girl came to live with them.
* Initial discovery of her powers, what was that like.
* How about a little growing into and appreciating each new one?
* The parts where the girls join, what's that like? How does it feel?
* Also the main female scientist? Wouldn't it be so interesting to explore her story? And her daughter???
* And also more about the whys and wherefores about what exactly is happening in the bigger picture. I mean, the book hints that this is the first in a series, but it's kind of too late. I wish this book hadn't been set up so perfectly good guys vs bad guys the way it is. It would be so interesting to go back and forth between her growing into her powers and feeling all strange and weird like teenagers do, contrasting with The Big Plan that she's a part of. And don't make it be just about the government or the military or whatever, which is maybe too easy. There aren't good guys and bad guys, there are just people trying to do their best. So what's that like for the people who suddenly realize their best turns out to be creepy and horrible.

There you go, five star book, someone write it.