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I Am the Messenger - Markus Zusak OK: one of the best first chapters of any book, ever. Like, SO good. Perfectly executed.

The rest of the book: I liked it. Interesting premise, moved along at a decent pace. The "twist" at the ending was good.

There are a few iffy spots, where he describes a scene and it's not at all clear what exactly just happened, or he over describes and reminds the reader that what's happening at the moment is related to something that happens previously, and you're like "OK yeah, I know, I read that 20 pages ago." But overall, not major problems.

The major problem with this book.
And there is one.
Is that it's filled.
With {fray sentences.}
You know.
Sentences on one line.
All by themselves.
To really imbue them with meaning and import.
You know.
Meaning and import.
This book has them.
On every.
It's annoying.
Really annoying.
This is a weak technique.
And it really cramped my ability to enjoy this book.
So there.
There you have it.
My review.
Of this book.