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A Common Pornography: A Memoir (P.S.) - Kevin Sampsell Really affecting memoir. It's so good, because it seems like most memoirs, especially ones having to do with sex or some kind of history of abuse, or so lurid, so tightly focused on the negative. So PORNOGRAPHIC, which is why the title of this book is so perfect. But these are snapshots not just of the bad stuff, but the fun stuff, the boring stuff, the OK stuff.

The taternut section ended up being my favorite, I think. Because for kids growing up in bad circumstances, it's not always all bad. You find ways to make it OK. This is about that.

And it's worth noting that I've met Kevin Sampsell, so is my rating reflective of the fact that I know the person in this book turned out, despite the odds, to be a really genuinely nice, pleasant, good person? Sure it is. So what. Why shouldn't it be.