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Mercury - Hope Larson Hope Larson has never done anything I didn't love, so no surprises there. She's super good at the teenager stuff, adding just the right amount of magic, and then of course mind-blowing illustrations. SO good. There are any number of frames in this that would make awesome prints.

This is a more sweeping narrative than Larson has previous done, and I wanted parts of it to linger a bit longer. I didn't feel like I knew enough about Tara's story to feel a strong emotional connection to her, or as strong as I would have liked, anyway. There wasn't enough sense of *her* past struggle to feel a triumphant ending for her, although it does connect well to the longer story.

But it's a really great story. Often with intertwined narratives you can see the connections coming across the horizon, but this one kept me guessing. Very original. Love that Hope Larson, you guys.