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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Review shortly. But basically, to the extent that my life has a pause button, I used it in order to finish this book.

ETA: Dang it I forgot to ever write my review of this. Basically: loved it, people should read it. I think Meghan Deans described this book as a master class on how to write the first book in a series, and that's it 100%. Loved how quickly she set up the world, and how she pulled familiar bits and pieces from other works to create something interesting & new.

Minus one star because the climax was a little weird.


Genetically modified werewolves? Sliding around on a cornucopia? Wah? And I see what Liz was getting at in her review. "Artless" isn't the right word, but the book does exactly what it's supposed to do and no more. I mean it does it REALLY WELL, but still: a few surprises here and there and it could have moved the walls of the genre back a little. No harm done though.