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Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour - Bryan Lee O'Malley I liked it! Good journey, and it was a solid finale. I maybe, under careful scrutiny, didn't totally understand everything that happened in this book. Things suddenly got very complicated, and ended up being more about Ramona than Scott. This book seems to reframe the entire series as having been about her and her journey to Healthy Adult Relationship Land. Which is fine, but kind of odd that she's the one to have ended up in a different place, as opposed to Scott.

And I didn't understand Gideon at all. He invented head glowing? And made a gun out of imaginary girls he wished he had dated? Little help here. For a series whose bizarro details were always in-focus and lively and impactful, things here were suddenly very hand-wavey. But it was still a fun book and I liked it.