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Bible Camp Bloodbath - Joey Comeau NB, Joey's a pal and I'd read anything of his, plus the dude self-published this book even though there were publishers interested, because they were like "We can put it out in 2012!" and he was like "No thanks, I want it out now!" 5 stars and enduring devotion earned for that.

I don't think, given the title, that I'm giving away spoilers by saying that a bunch of campers die in this book. It's a slasher story, and it's super, super gross in parts. Grosser than I generally care for, but it was fine. Because there are other part where it's totally hilarious, and parts where it's tremendously sweet and touching.

My favorite part of the book happens when the campers are reacting to the scenario they find themselves using the logic of slasher movies. ("But he'll do X, so we should do Y.") Kind of Scream-ish, which I liked. But, surprisingly, this books ends up being very traditional--almost in a weird way a kind of love letter to the form. Things happen like you expect them to happen. And personally, knowing stuff Joey has done in the past and how far-out he is at times, I was hoping it would break form a little more than it does. (It's interesting that the main character's mom works in zombie movies, right? So you'd think Martin would take advantage of that somehow. Plus he kind of expects something like this to happen, so why doesn't he react different when it does.)

Given the work Martin's mom does, and what we know about her as a person, you could almost read this as a morality tale. I don't know if that's on purpose or not but I don't want morality! I just want gross cool surprising stuff.