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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks I liked it! It was fun. Couldn't put it down. I was actually a little bit bummed it wasn't scarier. I am legit TERRIFIED of a zombie apocalypse, and put off reading this forever because I thought I might never sleep again. But 2 things--the fact that the novel is structured around a series of fairly faceless interviews, in conjunction with it being an account created after the war is over, combined for me in a way that kept the action at arm's length. There were some tense parts, but I was never very worried about the characters or traumatized too much by the action. It was all in the past, and I didn't know these people at all. The last chapter revisits some interviewees from earlier in the book, but I had a lot of difficulty remembering who any of them were.

There were a couple places where I thought the author's personal feelings were coming through a bit strong, w/r/t the geo-politics of which countries succeeded and failed. And also the part where the authorial/interviewer voice mentions a woman giving "an extremely rude finger gesture". Really? Which one is EXTREMELY rude? Also for some reason it struck me as funny that Iceland was the ongoing trouble spot for zombies. Because of the hot springs, I guess? I don't know!

But like I say, fun read, and I am emboldened to read further zombie apocalypse literature.