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The Sixth Gun, Vol. 1: Cold Dead Fingers - Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt Casey loaned this to me over the weekend. He said if I liked the Matt Fraction Iron Fist I would like this. He was right! So know I am thinking a lot about what I liked about both, what was different about them, and what it means as far as what I love about certain graphic novels. Some ideas:

* I like a realistic setting where some magic things happen. (This is maybe why I don't like LOTR as much?)
* I like ordinary people waking up to this magic and trying to come to terms with it.
* I like strong women leads.
* I like characters with interesting backstories and I like characters who are not necessarily good or evil, just trying to do their best.

Places where this book could have earned a 5th star:

* You don't learn tons about the the two main characters. Not enough to feel strongly invested in them.
* The main female seems like she'll be cool later, but she doesn't get to do enough in these books, it's still Drake's story for the most part.
* Like in a lot of comics, I felt like we got to the climactic battle scene too quickly. I totally understand the physics and economics of how these things have to work, but I could have used more time before they got to the Pit.

But it was good and I'm psyched to read more. The creators have put together an interesting world and there's clearly a lot they can do with it, so hopefully this will be fun.