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The Invisibles, Vol. 1: Say You Want a Revolution - Steve Yeowell, Grant Morrison, Jill Thompson, Dennis Cramer I'd never read this but Perpetch recommended in on Rolling Stone so OK. I guess I liked it? It gets pretty dark and grody and hopeless in places, not 100% my thing. And it's that kind of odd book where it seems like there might be a really impressive amount of world-building going on, but you see so little of it, or such a narrow slice of it, that you kind of just have to trust that it's there. And I'm reasonably sure it is there, based on what other people have told me about this series, but still. It's very talky in places, to the point where I was wondering why this was even a graphic novel, rather than a novel. The art for the most part doesn't do much for me. And neither do the characters, really. So: truly loving this would require either A) a lot of trust, or B) to just keep pressing on to the next volume and end up loving this volume in retrospect. There are a few images & scenes where I thought: I bet that's connected to something in a later volume, and the fact that it's briefly referenced here ends up blowing your mind later on. Which is cool! But also kind of plunked. In summation I'm sure this is an important work to a lot of people, so sure that I probably won't continue with it.