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X-Men: Second Coming - Mike Carey, Zeb Wells, Matt Fraction, Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Greg Land, David Finch, Mike Choi, Ibraim Roberson, Terry Dodson I don't have much to say about this other than I loved it? X-Men, end of the world, young girl becoming Who She Is, all my most favorite stuff in the world. There were a few characters who were totally unknown to me, so it was a one-hand-on-wikipedia-deal, but that's how we do it these days.

ALTHOUGH OF COURSE I WILL SAY: the fact that there are different artists drawing different parts of the story really put in stark relief which ones are the creeps who somehow always manage to frame women's butts perfectly in each panel. Like viewing the scene of carnage from just behind Rogue's butt is somehow integral to the appreciation of the storyline.

Also please stop with Psylocke's costume, whoever designed it is a jerk. "I'm a mutant who wields psychic knives, so I guess my costume should be a onesie thong? And maybe I'll tie this thin scarf around my waist, just for fun! And when I fight I'll be bending over a lot." Guhghghghg forever. Luckily the story is so great.