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Deadly Storm - Richard Castle, Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Lan Medina I love that this exists but it feels a little thrown together. A graphic novelization of the "first" Derrick Storm book (which doesn't actually exist!): SO GREAT. Excellent world building. But the mystery and the characters are lackluster (something about Nicaragua, Contras, and gold) and the storytelling doesn't capture the zingy style of Richard Castle the character on Castle or Richard Castle the writer of the Nikki Heat books. (Although you could counter this as further myth-building: Castle's style hadn't developed yet! But come on.) Also as another reviewer mentioned, if this is the first Derrick Storm book, why does the list of "later" Derrick Storm books included here mention a character who died in this one. It shatters the illusion we're all trying very hard to believe in here.

Overall a bit of a let-down.

Also having worked on a project that had Marvel writers attached to it in name if not in practice, I'd be curious to know Kelly Sue's take on Brian Michael Bendis's contributions to this project. I mean come on.

Anyways if any Goodreads friends want to read it next I can send along my copy.