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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss SO GOOD. I really enjoyed this. The guy can spin a story. I have done nothing in the past week but read this book.
I wasn't sure at first. You kind of have to let the story come to you, such as it is. I kept getting frustrated like Come on stop with the side quests, get back to the story. But the side quests are the story, and it unfolds slowly, and once I relaxed and let it happen I enjoyed it a lot more. Like sex, maybe? I wouldn't know.

Some random notes:
The book comes alive when Kvothe leaves the university. I didn't notice how stagnant the story was getting until it happened. Good.

I'm really not into Denna. 100% MPDG, and I hope the next volume has Kvothe with someone more interesting. 
I.e. Devi, who kicks ass.

The author writes very good fight scenes. You don't know exactly what's going on, but you know enough. It's perfect.

My FAVORITE though are the threats. When someone of power threatens someone else it is always super bad-ass and bone-chilling. Example, which doesn't include spoilers:

"my sweet love," she said. "if you ask about the seven again in this place, I will drive you from it. no matter if your asking be firm or gentle, honest or slantways. if you ask, I will whip you back and forth from here with a lash of brambles and snakes. I will drive you before me, bloody and weeping, and will not stop until you are dead or fled from fae. ... I do not jest. I swear this by my flower and the ever-moving moon. I swear by salt and stone and sky. I swear this singing and laughing, by the sound of my own name." She kissed me again, pressing her lips to mine tenderly. "I will do this thing."

Looking forward to the next one.