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The Reapers Are the Angels - Alden Bell Dag this really stuck with me for a few days. Really liked it--felt a lot like a Zombie Justified, with Loretta McCready as Temple on one side and Boyd Crowder as Moses on the other.

Temple was born after the zombie apocalypse started, so we get to skip the usual whys and wherefores of the zombies, which makes for a nice change. She's young but she can handle herself--she never had any other choice in this world. She tries to appreciate beauty in this world where she can find it, but things that she's done in the past haunt her--she may have good intentions, but she's not convinced that she's in any way a good person.

And then on the other side there's Moses, and it's not about good or evil for him, it's about right and wrong and justice, which for him means killing Temple.

So the book is about Moses chasing Temple, and her trying to stay one step ahead as they cross the wasteland full of zombies (and other monsters, in super creepy but fun twist). It's a sad book, as zombie books have to be, but along the way it's surprisingly full of beauty and hope.