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Ivyland - Miles Klee OK clearly, dude can write his ass off. Good job Miles, *I get it.*

The world-building here (the part of a book I'm always most drawn to) is top-notch. A near future New Jersey where biopharma has taken over and basically become the new government. The kind of sci-fi that feels just contemporary enough to be super creepy but also hilariously terrifying.

The book has a complicated structure--loosely interwoven strands involving a number of different characters jumping wildly around a timeline. For me, this meant my reading experience involved a lot of flipping back and forth to try to remember what happened when, and who exactly this other character was in relation to this other character the last time we met them.

The craft here is stunning, but 3/4 of the way through I was like Come on man, just let me read the story. The structure took me out of the reading experience a little more than I would have liked. It's an amazing world and I wanted to stay immersed in it, but my awareness of the hoops Miles was jumping through to write this, the amount of sheer craft on demonstration, took away from the reading experience, if that makes sense.

But that's about my personal preference, not the book itself. The book is crazy good, Miles is a talented writer, and I am psyched about whatever he writes next.