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Runaways Deluxe, Vol. 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa Basically a YA graphic novel about kids--who in the process of learning their parents are evil super villians--have to discover and come to terms with their own powers, so yeah, this is basically as within my wheelhouse as a thing can possibly be. Loved it. If that sounds like your thing you'll dig it too.

I have thoughts which are more "notes to self" as someone interested in writing this type of thing, not really criticisms of the book by any means:

[spoilers ensue, I guess]

* Don't feel like I got a really good sense of Alex Wilder's abilities at this point. They were a little more apparent to me on the 2nd read-through, but super powers that don't manifest themselves physically are very hard to do well. That's why there are so many Hulks and so few Cyphers.

* Really good mix of powers & backgrounds, both for the kids and their parents. It's not like a junior X-Men or JLA or Avengers reset, the mix feels original and fresh.

* The scene in the shed, where the kids have to suddenly discover their powers AND put all the pieces of their parental situation together AND defeat them and get out of there is extremely well done. That is complicated stuff to do economically and it's about as perfect as can be here.

* I think Sister Grimm's situation was the only one that was difficult for me to grasp. Like, I can accept that her parents are sorcerers. I can accept that her body would somehow swallow up a scepter! I can accept that it would re-emerge when her blood is spilled, I guess? I mean I see what the writers were trying to do, and they were in a tough spot. But the idea that it would launch itself out of her chest hard enough to knock a guy out, I don't know. That was the one place where I was like whaaaaat? That said, Asian goth girl, obvs she's my fave.