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Women of Marvel - Mary Choi, Sara Pichelli, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Adam Warren, Sean McKeever, Paul Cornell, Jeff Parker, Marjorie M. Liu, Ken Lashley Kind of hit or miss and I guess technically it mostly misses, but the stuff that is good is great. I just, you know, Women of Marvel, let's get serious! But so much gigantic boobs and crime-solving that involves bending over in thongs. I can't.

But I liked:

X-23. This was good, loved it. Basically just someone broken dealing with her demons, in a very non-superhero-y way. Killer art and a great way to start the collection.

Lady Deadpool. Mary H.K. Choi is _AOK_ in my book. I haven't read enough Deadpool to fully wrap my head around what's going on here, but this was far and away the most original and risk-take-y of the stories.

The Rescue/Pepper Potts story was good.

The Firestar one? Is that the one who had cancer? I liked that one. A story about how everyone is dealing with their own shit as best they can, and sometimes the really evil people in our lives are the ones who aren't super villians.

I wanted to like the Galacta one--it's an excellent premise. The daughter of a world-devourer has eating issues. Awesome, let's talk about that! But it's overlong, and they make it be about a parasite instead of letting it be what it was.

I also liked the Namora one, just because she'd a badass.

I think that was it.