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Paris, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down - Rosecrans Baldwin Crans and his wife move to Paris, they love it but it's also kind of difficult. But not TOO difficult because, you know, Paris. Really fun read. Crans's writing is loose and breezy but also deft, targeted. Full of memorably gorgeous scenes and moments. He manages to make delight swing on the page, which is pretty rare. The anecdotes just end when they're over, which makes some of them clunky and awkward, but that's as is should be--he doesn't over-philosophize or try to tie things up for the reader in fake bows.

My favorite thing about the book was his characterization of his relationship with his wife, Rachel. The trip is more difficult for her than it is for him in many ways, but they're a team. She's smart and supportive and they work together, and it's a very nice portrayal of a successful, intentful marriage. A+