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Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World - Mark Kurlansky Super great. I live in Boston and have family from the Canadian maritimes, so it was awesome to learn more about the history of both these areas and how they developed in tandem with the fishing industry. I would like to read a solid history of Boston next, maybe. Or maybe just more early North American history in general, I guess. So killer that the Basques discovered North America, way before anyone else, but kept quiet because they wanted to just keep making money from the fish they found here. Kind of badass.

The book was published in 98, I think? So I wished there was a postscript to let us know how things have been going for our friend the cod since then. But THEN I happened to be in Canada this weekend, when it was the 20th anniversary of the closing of the Newfoundland fisheries, so there was a whole thing about what's been happening lately on CBC! Basically some people moved away, some got retrained for other industries, and a lot of people got involved in oil. And oil has made the region much more prosperous than it ever was fishing cod. But the Newfies in this piece were saying the cod are back and it's time to go fishing again, even though the fisheries are still closed. So anyways I wondered if they're right! Are you back, cod?