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The Unswept Room - Sharon Olds Just starting to get into Sharon Olds. Everyone I know loves her, so I am excited to read more.

Things I liked here:

If you know someone / who was there, that hour, at the burial, / could you tell them--I don’t know what you could tell them.

Sunday Night
Places we had been before, / no one would serve us, unless there was a young / unwarned woman, and I never warned her.

The Clasp
Her dark, / deeply open eyes took me / in, she knew me, in the shock of the moment / she learned me.

The Learner
And then They are things / I would not, have learned, if he, had lived, / but I cannot, be glad, he died

Past Future Imperfect
I’ll think of that day, and hear us, the pair / I thought was entering fresh outskirts / of play, I’ll see his tiredness / and loneliness, we had weeks left

Do not / tell me this could end. Do not tell me.