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The Ghost Brigades - John Scalzi Liked it, really fun and engaging read. Not a sequel so much as a 2nd book taking place in the universe of the 1st. I didn't mind the switch to 3rd person here. Opening chapter is super engaging and fun. The 2nd chapter is heavy on Basil Exposition, dropping tons of science and history and technology in a way that made it difficult for me to engage with the characters and keep track of who was who. I liked how Scalzi built on and the universe he'd created in the first book, and where he drew back the curtain to shed new light on carry-over themes and ideas to present them from a new angle. I was slightly disappointed that the Ghost Brigade seemed fairly "normal" and not super different from the Special Forces, after the way they were built up in the first book, but that's kind of the point and it's not a major quibble. My only major quibble is that in both these books the word "crèche" is used often, and a crèche is a Nativity scene, but that's not what he means here, and no amount of Image Googling has assisted me in envisioning what the heck it is he's talking about. Very interested to figure that out and also to read the next book in the series.