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A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel - Hope Larson, Madeleine L'Engle OK I never read the original and apparently I need to? Because this is totally weird and much different than what I was expecting? Over the years whenever I heard "Wrinkle in Time" I think my brain filed it alongside "Westing Game" and OK yes I have now learned they are very extremely different books.

So anyways, can't really compare this with the original, but it was bizarre and engaging and fun. I'm sure Hope's hands were slightly tied in what she could do with the original work, since it's a classic and all, but I felt like the book would have been stronger if she could have updated the language a bit. Kids calling each other "Old Sport" flew fine in the 60s but it's super creaky now. And Charles Wallace being characterized as an stoopid moron, when actually he's probably autistic or something? Kinda icky.

Hope's artwork is brilliant and I love the limited palette. In her other books she does mind-blowing things with the word bubbles and panel format and here she keeps things a little more in check in service to the story. It's great and she's awesome, my brain just kept wandering off to this other universe where she got to tear the whole book apart to build it back up again.