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Absolute Death HC - Neil Gaiman "Liked it" but I think I mainly liked it because of the character of Death herself, not any of her stories in particular. Actually I would argue Neil Gaiman has never really told a jaw-dropping 5-star story about Death, i.e. she has not gotten the story she deserves.

"The Sound of Her Wings" is a classic, we all love it, a little shmaltzy but OK.

"The High Cost of Living" is OK. Mainly interesting as a backdrop for the next story. I don't super care for the Mad Hettie framing, especially her randomly saving the day in the middle.

"The Time of Your Life" has some nice parts but ends weird. And what is with the main character suddenly doing magic? And why did the supermodel have to be with them the whole time? Plus we're in magical selfless black man territory, which is ridonk.

"Winter's Tale" and "The Wheel" didn't care for.

"Death in Venice" is good but kind of takes its time and goes a long way around to get where it's going. There's a better version somewhere.

The intro by Amanda Palmer was I think my favorite story in this, and that was more about her.