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Zero to Hero - Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver Kinnell picked this up at the Scholastic book fair and we read it together. It's not that fun? For a short, MG book, the plot doesn't move along quickly enough, and lingers in weird, unnecessary places. The mc is not unlikeable, but also not super likeable. His personality and motivations are hard to get a hold of. At first I thought he sounded like a zippy devil-may-care younger brother outsider, but then a few chapters later he was a uncool-loser-and-doesn't-realize it outsider? Why does he have to be uncool, doesn't he have enough to deal with, with his new family and school and house and all these other changes? Odd authorial choice. The book just didn't have the ZIP I would expect from Henry Winkler. After this we switched to Secrets of Droon and that was much better.