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The Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for the Courage to Settle Down - Andrew McCarthy I got about 2/3 through. Probably could have forced myself to finish it but it had to go back to the library.

The book is divided into geographic sections, and he uses the landscape of the trips to compare where he was at geographically with where he was at mentally, w/r/t his relationship with a woman named "D". (It really annoyed me he couldn't just use her full name, or just make up a fake name, I mean who cares. Why the mystery? 10 seconds of googling reveals her name as Dolores.)

So basically Andrew McCarthy gets divorced and immediately launches into a relationship with Delores, and then has cold feet about their upcoming wedding and goes off to tour the world, leaving her with the kids and the wedding planning, ostensibly for his writing career but really just to "find himself". I found it very irritating that he didn't just work his shit out in person with Dolores like a dude should, and that she would support his bullshit spirit quest while she door-matted it back home.

Presumably somewhere on his travels, perhaps high atop the Himalayas, he comes to terms with his needs and finds himself, realizing he no longer needs to chase after something ineffable when what he wanted, what he needed, was right there in front of him all along blah blah but like I say I didn't finish it.